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More decent homes for low-income families in District IV

Working day by day to meet the needs of families in vulnerable conditions, the municipality, through the Decent Housing Program, benefited the protagonist Dora Jeanette Laguna Rayos, with the construction of her new house in the Jardines de Santa Clara neighborhood, who from This Wednesday, August 16, you will have a decent place to live.

The handover of the keys was attended by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who announced that the protagonist lost her house a month ago due to strong winds and this is the 15th home that has been delivered in this sector.

“Practically half of their home collapsed and part of the permanent orientation of Commander Daniel and our Vice President, Compañera Rosario, is to immediately attend to the families in any eventuality,” said Mayor Rueda.

The mayor of the capital also reported that during recent years in the Jardines de Santa Clara neighborhood, road improvement and storm drainage projects have been carried out, “the reduction in vulnerability has been significant, we had 4 stages of lining the Domitila Lugo channel , which is practically the one that divides between Jardines de Santa Clara and the Domitila Lugo neighborhood, important to improve conditions, but above all the security that families have.”

For the protagonist, seeing her house built quickly is a great achievement, “my house was totally destroyed, thanks to the Lord and the Good Government we have, to the Mayor's Office of Managua, to all our heroes and martyrs who gave their blood for all of us".

Only in this District IV with the Annual Investment Plan, the capital commune will invest 14 million córdobas in road improvement works, storm drainage, water and sanitation in more than 15 neighborhoods, some of them with their projects already completed.

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