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Santo Domingo de Guzmán is raised to his altar in Las Sierritas

Hundreds of parishioners gathered on the morning of this Friday, August 11, to share with the municipal authorities the rise to his throne of the image of Santo Domingo de Guzmán in the church of Las Sierritas, after ten days of stay in Managua, taking a tour in different parts of the capital.

Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado and Mayor of the Traditional Festivals, stated that it was a year where families shared trust and love with each of the traditionalist committees and there were thousands of brothers and sisters who thanked Santo Domingo de Guzmán for each one of the favors received.

“We are completely renewed from the soul and we are united in faith, devotion with our pledges with all the devout brothers and sisters who walked alongside Santo Domingo, it was truly beautiful, it was a year where there was more attendance and we appreciate the trust, this was a everyone's effort,” said Mayor Rueda.

Enrique Armas Rosales, Vice Mayor of Managua shared that these festivities began before the first of August and that these celebrations were a total success this year, thanks to the collaboration of the National Police, the White Cross and faithful devotees of Santo Domingo de Guzman.

Father Boanerges Carballo, Parish Priest of the Las Sierritas church, thanked each of the institutions for the support so that the people could enjoy an atmosphere of harmony.

“Patience is one of the virtues that we practice in this walk under that hot sun, but full of energy and devotion to Santo Domingo,” said Father Carballo.

For more than 130 years, families and pledges have celebrated and thanked the Patron Saint and year after year the fervor and belief is manifested with a lot of love and faith.

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