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Hundreds of capital citizens participate in the activities scheduled on the eve of August 10

This August 9, on the eve of the return of Santo Domingo de Guzmán to his sanctuary in the Sierras de Managua, hundreds of people from the capital participated in the Bullfight, the Palo Lucio, the Vela del Barco and the Vela del Arco, organized by the different Traditionalist Committees, all these activities that end after midnight, are part of the tradition of the patron saint festivities.

Nearly 2,000 people gathered in the San José Oriental neighborhood to see the kids who participated in the bull riding contest. In this first event, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado reiterated the unconditional support of the Government of Commander Daniel Ortega and Compañera Rosario Murillo, to the traditions of the town.

"This is part of the merriment, of the joy of living in peace, to celebrate our Patron Saint, Santo Domingo de Guzmán, this afternoon in the different activities, in harmony, with great security, with great order," said the Mayordomo of the Festivities.

Manuel Orozco, organizer of the event and president of the Vacas Culonas committee, reported that this year they threw the house out the window, because it is special for them.

"Today the committee is celebrating 30 years of accompanying the festivities of our Patron Saint, we are going to release 20 bulls, the one that dilates 8 seconds in the bull we reward with 2,000 or 3,000 córdobas, every year we strive to give the devotees de Minguito a quality show”, said Orozco.

For his part, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales highlighted the participation of more promising and more entrepreneurial people, thanks to the peace that reigns in Nicaragua.

“How nice that every time there are new events, today the contest for the best fresh chicha in Managua is being held. The soda vendors from Managua are competing and there are 2,000 córdobas in prizes,” said Armas.

To these activities, the tradition of Palo Lucio was added, which turned 48 years old, the promising and traditionalist José María Barahona, together with his family, continue to transmit the fervor to Santo Domingo, to the new generations.

"I started with a promise from my daughter, we invite the families from the neighboring neighborhoods to come here, we will distribute nacatamales, vigorón and the contest to lower the prizes begins at 8:00 at night, there is money and electrical appliances for prizes" , indicated the traditionalist Barahona.

And the San Judas neighborhood was no exception, there hundreds participated in the pilgrimage organized by the Chávez Family, for the Vela del Barco, with philharmonic music and the delivery of more than 2,000 nacatamales, as part of a tradition that has been going on for 50 years. .

"It is a tradition, it is a legacy that is alive and proof that for 17 years now the torologist Lisímaco Chávez has not been here and we have given it continuity and here we are fulfilling the traditional Sail of the Boat, to say goodbye to our Patron Saint", said Raymond Chávez, Lisímaco's grandson.

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