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Decent Housing Program has built 113 houses in the Quinta Nina neighborhood

“Everything will be better,” were part of the words of the protagonist Juana de Jesús Rivera, who already has a new house, thanks to the Decent Housing Program, which through the municipality built her home in the Quinta Nina neighborhood of District IV.

The official ceremony of handing over the keys was attended by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado on the afternoon of this Wednesday, August 2, who reported that 113 homes have been built in this sector alone.

“We are very happy, happy to accompany Doña Juanita and her family, a completely renovated home, since 2007 to date we have been serving families in vulnerable situations, today we can say that the Quinta Nina neighborhood is another, in all aspects".

The mayor of the capital stated that the residents of the area have also benefited in recent years from road improvement, storm drainage, water and sanitation projects, as part of the model of direct care for families.

With 57 years of living in this neighborhood, the protagonist thanked God and the Good Government because she will now live peacefully and safely next to her 17-year-old grandson, whom she has cared for since the age of 4 when her mother died, "everything "It is possible with the Sandinista Government, with the Commander who has good control and we are fighting."

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