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Managua is celebrating with its Patron Saint who came down from Las Sierritas surrounded by fervor and tradition

This first of August, from very early hours thousands of believers and promises of "Minguito" accompanied the Patron Saint, on a 10-hour journey to the capital, until they reached his temple located in the center of Managua.

The procession was full of color, tradition and fervor, as the hours progressed, order and the security of the promisers was maintained, thanks to the coordinated work between government institutions, together with the traditionalist committees, as reported by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

"One more year in family unity, a whole town has come together in celebration of our Patron Saint, we have thousands of brothers and sisters who have come to accompany Santo Domingo, we are very happy because our traditional festivals have developed in order, in peace and harmony, thanks to the coordinated work of all the institutions, guided by our Good Government to guarantee the security of all the promising ones”, stated Rueda.

Minguito will be in the capital from August 1 to 10, this tradition is 138 years old, every year 150 porters move the saint from Las Sierritas to his temple, as reported by José Alarcón, known as Chepe Largo and who is the President of the Traditionalist Committee of Chargers.

“We are advancing in peace, in order, we are 150 porters of all ages, from children to the older ones who are already on our way out, we are teaching the new generations how to advance, we are coordinating with the National Police, to prevent the people who are drunk make disorder, we have to take care of our fervor, our faith, to preserve all the miracles and blessings that Santo Domingo will leave us in these 10 days”, Alarcón expressed.

During the procession it was possible to observe people of all ages, children, women and older adults, the inevitable blacks (men full of fat), fulfilling their promises to the image of the Patron Saint, for having received miracles and hundreds of entrepreneurs who throughout the way they offered their products.

Luis Aburto, a traditionalist from Las Sierritas, thanked everyone for the support of the municipality for the activities prior to the descent of the Saint, such as the election of India Bonita and the Queen of the Fiestas.

"All this work was a great success thanks to the fact that we worked together, the Central Government, the Mayor's Office of Managua and the different organizing committees, we have seen the waste of culture, of joy, that great unity has practically been demonstrated," mentioned Aburto.

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