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Jubilation on the eve of the bringing from Santo Domingo to Managua

In homage to the Managua festivities, the building authorities shared the culture and tradition of the Patron Saint Festivities with each of the traditionalists and families on the afternoon and night of this Monday, July 31, during a tour of the different points of the capital.

The celebrations began in the San José Oriental neighborhood, where families from the community gathered to celebrate 30 years of tradition. The activity was carried out with a cultural magazine and the traditional bullfight in which hundreds of young people from the surrounding area participated.

Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Mayor of Managua, expressed that the activities were celebrated in a big way by the families in honor of the Patron Saint.

"We give infinite thanks to God for the peace that reigns in our country and that allows us to celebrate our traditions, our cultures, our religiosity and our faith in our country as a family, so we are very happy that we have been in all the activities, sharing with the thousands of families that from today are accompanying us in this wonderful tradition,” said Rueda.

The second place visited was the traditionalist José María Barahona, also known as Chema Pelón, who organized the traditional Palo Lucio, which represents one of the most popular festivities on the eve of the bringing and leaving of the Patron Saint of Managuas.

"Today we are turning 48 years old and for me it has been a great challenge, we thank God and my father for this work that in the end is a reward, we keep alive the tradition that is not ours but the people of Managua," said the traditionalist Eduardo Barahona, known as "Chemita Junior".

As a third point and conclusion of the tour, it was in the San Judas neighborhood, with the traditional Vela del Barco, where hundreds of families gathered after a procession with the boat and the Santo Domingo boy, who toured the main streets of this community. of District III.

Raymond Lisímaco Chávez, from the Boat Sail Traditionalist Committee, said that they worked constantly to carry out these celebrations and so that the people of Managua will enjoy these festivities in peace and tranquility.

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