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Successful beach volleyball circuit was held on the courts of Paseo Xolotlán

More than 100 young people participated in the second beach volleyball circuit, which was held on the platform of the Youth Games on the Paseo Xolotlán field, on the afternoon of Saturday, July 29.

The sports meeting will be held monthly until November and in December the champions of this discipline will be crowned, informed Juny Aguilera, volleyball coordinator of the Municipal Sports Department.

"In this second circuit we have 28 female couples and 18 male participating, they play all against all, the couples that are winning have a next match until they reach the final, where the first two places will be awarded, this year we have a delegation from Carazo with a team of 12 girls, we call on anyone who wants to participate, they only have to present their birth certificate to register”, announced Aguilera.

All academies that wish to enter the competition can do so, the only requirement they must meet is that their players are under 18 years of age.

Karla Gámez is 15 years old, lives in the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood, has been practicing beach volleyball for 2 years, for her this discipline is exciting and has helped her develop skills in her reflexes and study methods.

"It's a super nice experience, I think it's nice that young people come here to de-stress, if we have these spaces we have to take advantage of them, this year we have new faces, because a team from Carazo came, that fills you with adrenaline, because you don't know how they come ready,” said Gámez, who is in the ninth grade of high school and dreams of going abroad to compete in this sport.

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