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Districts of the capital begin the selection of finalists to crown the Queen of the August Festivities 2023

To the rhythm of Xolo Batucada, samba, folk dances and philharmonic music, the elections for the first and second district finalist who will participate in the election of the Queen of the August 2023 Fiestas began on the night of Thursday, July 27. take place this coming Sunday, July 30, in Puerto Salvador Allende.

The election of the Queen of the Traditional Festivals of the capital is coordinated by the municipality and the cultural movement "Leonel Rugama".

The call was attended by candidates from all districts, as reported by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, during the election of the candidates from District V, in the Macarally neighborhood.

"We are starting the election days in the districts, with this the fires of the patron saint festivities are broken, on the eve of the descent of the Saint on August 1, the girls like to participate in our traditions, the call was attended by 78 girls, today we are simultaneously choosing the finalists from districts I and V”, explained Armas.

From another point in the capital, in the El Riguero neighborhood, it was also filled with merriment to the rhythm of the vaquitas culonas, to choose among 12 candidates for the finalists of District I.

"Initiating the August festivities full of tradition, tomorrow the finalists of the II, III and IV districts will be chosen and on Saturday in the VI and VII Districts, the election of the queen together with the Cowboy Festival is organized by our Good Government, to promote in the new generations the love of our traditions”, highlighted the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López.

The qualifying jury to choose the finalists will assess the mastery of the catwalk, the originality of the costumes and typical dances, the originality of the equestrian costume, plus knowledge about the traditions of the patron saint festivities and the strength of the bars of each one of the candidates.

The candidates who will represent District V in the Municipal Election of the Queen are Dania González and Katerine Quintero, while in District I they are young Lenna Marcela Triana and Josseling Amelia Corea. Waiting for the finalists to be chosen in the coming days.

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