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Veterinary care day and delivery of a new transfer center for the garbage deposit in District V

Within the framework of the campaignClean city, Capital of All”, lThe Mayor's Office of Managua summoned to the self-employed workers of District V, who work in hauling household garbage through animal-drawn carts, to provide free veterinary care to their horses and to inform them that, starting this Wednesday, the 26th of July the two points that served as warehouses or dumps, located on the El Dorado runway, being the opening of the new transfer center in the Sector 17, located in the Grenada neighborhood.

The new environmental measures are executed for eliminate illegal dumps, so he informsthe municipal authorities during the first environmental fair and veterinary care day, organized in District V.

“We are going to start with the elimination of two sites, boxes that we had located on the El Dorado track and another in the Carlos Fonseca neighborhood. These two containers are no longer enough and are no longer sufficient for that treatment that was momentary. "Now they are going to be transferred to this transfer point known as Sector 17, here in the Grenada neighborhood," reported the Secretary of the Council from Managua, Jennifer Porras Lopez, while participating in the environmental day.

Porras, explained to workers that the support and participation of families who work in this area is essential for the success of the campaign and change of environmental culture in the new generations.

Each of the districts keeps a census of the familias who have this job and to guarantee a civic responsibilitydadana, these fairs will be replicatedn in all districtsThis is how Mauricio Díaz, Director of the Department of Environmental Management.

“It is very important to coordinate with the self employed, because they also collaborate with the cleaning of the city, what we are doing is facilitating the collection of waste, here they will have the ease of marketing the material that is recyclable and from time to time veterinary care will be provided to their horses. We will replicate these fairs in the other districts.”Diaz added..

In the new transfer center, one container, so that people who want to sell recyclable material can also do so without any problem.

From now on the work will be easier for the beneficiary Erasmo Adolfo Espinoza, who is 10 years old working with his cart and in that time he has had around 4 horses.

“This iinitiative is very good, because This place is closer, it is spacious and it is enclosed, we can bdispose of the garbage with peace of mind, because in the other dumps we risked being hit by cars, now this attention for the animals it is a great help for us, that they give this veterinary care to the horses, because you know that sometimes the jobs are quite bad,” said Espinoza.

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