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With faith and devotion, hundreds of families overflow at the beginning of the Managua Festivities

Municipal authorities in the company of the committees of traditionalists, promises and families from the capital, met from the early hours of this Sunday, July 23, to joyfully celebrate the traditional "Roza del Camino", as part of the start of the Managua 2023 Fiestas.

From the beginning of the tour at the Gancho de Caminos in the Oriental market to the Cruz del Paraíso, the devotees danced to the sound of philharmonic music, enjoying an atmosphere full of peace and security.

"We give infinite thanks to God who allows us to celebrate our Traditional Festivals of Managua 2023 in peace, in harmony with great devotion, together all the committees that have participated every year, traditionalists to all these promising ones who always accompany us with great devotion, but above all celebrating life, peace and harmony that reigns in our country,” said Rueda.

At the same time, Mayor Rueda invited families to continue celebrating these Fiestas de Managua with devotion.

José Alarcón, President of the Committee of Traditionalist Chargers, thanked the devoted families for continuing to transmit the faith and joy of these festivities.

"One more year the festivities of the people of Managua, today the people of Managua overflow and we are together with the Mayor, the Mayordoma of these festivities, so we go with faith, with joy and love," said Alarcón.

For his part, Manuel Orozco, coordinator of the Vacas Culonas committee, thanked the Sandinista Government for the support it provides families to celebrate these festivities, "these are the festivities that set all of Nicaragua on fire, the fervor of our people who are living in peace, in love and everything is thanks to our Good Government”.

These festivities have 138 years of history, where our ancestors used machetes to graze, in those years the road was full of mountains to reach the Cruz del Paraíso region.

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