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Blank training and experience in the II Day of the Taekwondo Championship

On Saturday, July 22, the second day of Taekwondo began, of the Managua 2023 Youth Games, an activity in which more than 800 athletes participated, from 14 academies in the municipality, who will compete for 2 days in 4 different categories (children, cadets, youth and adults).

This competitive event was held at the España sports center, where young people and adolescents expressed their excitement in these competitions that contribute to their sports training.

Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Managua Council, expressed the support that Good Government provides to sports in its different disciplines.

“A sport that takes gender equality into account and there is an almost equal participation of 50-50 of women and men, children, youth and adolescents. A sport that has been more promoted in this second stage of the Revolution, as part of strengthening and giving recreation to children and adolescents, so that they can have better discipline and values of responsibility,” Porras said.

For their part, the athletes expressed their satisfaction with the promotion of this type of tournament, which contributes to developing and increasing their experience in this combat sport.

The municipal authorities announced that this day is part of the Managua 2023 Youth Games platform, where more than 100,000 young athletes participate, in arduous competitions, for 6 months and in 21 sports disciplines.

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