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II Winter Flavors Gastronomic Festival "Soups, Atoles and Meals"

A mixture of culture, tradition, colors and flavors was experienced at the II Sabores de Invierno Municipal Gastronomic Festival, which this year bears the motto "Soups, Atoles and Food", where representatives from each of the 7 districts arrived. from the municipality of Managua.

This municipal event took place this Friday, July 21, in the William Ramírez Park of District VII, as part of the initiative developed by Good Government, through the municipalities, in 153 municipalities of the country, in a day of municipal contests which began on June 29 and culminated in 3 national festivals, to be held in the cities of Diriamba on August 12, in Madriz on August 19 and in Nueva Segovia on August 26.

The gastronomic activity included a contest in the Soups and meals category, as well as in the porridge, desserts and hot drinks category, where representatives from the districts exhibited a variety of traditional recipes, traditional meals and desserts in the season of winter, highlighting its texture, flavor, aroma and presentation.

The prizes in the soups and meals category, the first place went to Mrs. Inés del Socorro Espinoza from the Camilo Ortega neighborhood of District III, who prepared a delicious beef soup and won a cash prize of 5 thousand córdobas; Second place, with 4,000 córdobas, was obtained by the young María Nela Flores from District VII, who prepared a delicious watery rice; and third place was won by Wilson Sánchez from District VI, with 4 types of soups and won a cash prize of 3,000 córdobas.

Likewise, in the category of Atoles, Desserts and Hot Drinks, the first place was obtained by María Medal Figueroa from District I, with atol and rice in milk; Second place went to Jacinta Nicaragua from District V, with Chilate and third place went to Xiomara Flores from District VII with a Chicha Bruja and the prizes were 4,000, 3,000 and 2,000 córdobas respectively.

Comrade Enrique Armas Rosales, Vice Mayor of Managua, expressed that the first place winners of each of the participating categories will be in the departmental contest and if they win in this event they will go on to the national contest.

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