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Improvements in the market infrastructure advance Iván Montenegro

The municipality is carrying out various projects to improve the infrastructure of the Iván Montenegro market, for the benefit of the merchants who work in this shopping center and the families that visit it, as reported by the municipal authorities during a tour on the morning of this Friday the 21st. July.

"This market continues to grow more especially in confidence and well-being for families, here we are seeing that the prices of the basic basket are maintained, we are making this tour, to talk with the merchant brothers about the progress we have in the markets", expressed Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

Rueda reported that, in the Iván Montenegro market, for this 2023, more than 8 million córdobas are being invested.

"If we notice we are changing what the rain gutters are, we have installed 5 gates out of 17 that are going to be placed throughout the market, we are also going to do renovation works in the multipurpose gym, we are going to install security cameras and a screen to keep the merchants and visitors of this market, which has an area of 9 blocks, informed,” announced Rueda.

Freddy Casco, General Director of COMMEMA, explained that this year the municipality will invest between 85 and 90 million córdobas in the 8 markets of the capital, to carry out major and minor works necessary for the proper functioning and modernization of these shopping centers.

"We will be creating new offices, which will allow us to better serve the merchants and the people who make their purchases, the Commema workers, this will allow us to have a more humane, supportive, prettier, cleaner, safer market," Casco said. .

For his part, Jorge González, president of the Nicaraguan Merchants Association, stressed that at the end of the month sales were excellent and that all markets are now working to stock up on and renew merchandise.

"At the end of July Victorious, the 44th anniversary festivities promoted excellent sales and from now on we are ready and prepared with new merchandise so that the economic dynamism is maintained in the Nicaraguan markets, we hope to exceed the sales goals of last year in the next 5 months”, stated González.

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