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Nicaragua and Belarus sign valuable cooperation agreements

Authorities of the Good Government and a delegation from Belarus, headed by Foreign Minister Sergei Aléinik, signed this Thursday, July 20, a series of agreements on cooperation programs and projects, which will guarantee progress for the Nicaraguan people.

The signed agreements ensure economic, productive and educational development, alliances that promise benefits for both peoples, as announced by Comrade Laureano Ortega Murillo, Presidential Advisor for the Promotion of Investments, Trade and International Cooperation.

"In the presence of our foreign ministers, a series of important agreements have been signed, we announce to our people that we have signed the agreement for the creation of the joint commission for economic-commercial cooperation, to promote trade and investment between Nicaraguan companies and Belarus , we signed an agreement on the mutual overcoming of visa requirements to facilitate entry between both republics”, reported Ortega Murillo.

He also pointed out that an important agricultural cooperation roadmap was signed for INTA, MAGFOR and Institutes of Horticulture, Science and Technology, to improve production and productivity in Nicaragua.

"We know that they have great experience and great development in the production of potatoes, onions, beef, and dairy processing, and Nicaragua can greatly benefit from that extensive experience that Belarus has," he said.

Similarly, he added that a Memorandum of Understanding for cultural promotion was signed between the Bolshoi theaters in Minsk in Belarus, the Rubén Darío National Theater and the Incanto Foundation of Nicaragua.

"It is a memorandum focused on cultural cooperation, focused on opera, ballet, symphonic music, choirs, orchestras and theater," he said. 

Finally, a Dump Truck Supply Contract for the Managua City Hall was signed, as the beginning of one of the first projects, of others that will be carried out, with credit facilities with the Development Bank of Belarus, which will allow construction machinery for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, mayors, as well as agricultural machinery for farmers and cooperatives.

“So good news, Nicaraguan brothers and sisters; We advance on paths of victories, our Victorious Julio hand in hand with brother countries, our friendly countries, with whom we have a strategic partnership, a strategic alliance and fraternal cooperation”, he said.

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