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Juvenile Games carry out intermunicipal competition of Five Ball

The Managua Youth Games, in their third edition, held for the first time inter-municipal softball competitions in which four teams from Nindirí, El Viejo, Granada and Managua participated. The matches took place on Paseo Xolotlán, on the morning of Sunday, July 16.

Rigoberto Solís, Sports advisor of the Managua Mayor's Office, highlighted that this year the commune through the Sports Directorate is promoting this discipline, which is nothing more than the informal baseball that is played in the neighborhoods, which is now It is transferred in an orderly manner internationally, because it is already recognized by the Olympic Committee and the person who is governing it here in Nicaragua is the Nicaraguan Baseball Federation (Feniba).

"Today is the first time that the kids are playing, they have adapted quickly, 5-Ball is played with a special ball, it is smaller, no glove is needed, of course, we have to have five players on the field, that's why It says ball 5, the other three are waiting to reinforce, the team must also be mixed, it must have two women already incorporated in the official games,” he mentioned.

Solís also reported that this is the first inter-municipal 5-Ball event, where they are incorporating other departments, so that the boys also learn about this sport, the call will remain open with the aim that more teams can participate in the next championship national, scheduled to take place at the end of October.

To practice this discipline you only need a ball, a glove is not required. Young people between the ages of 16, 18 and 23 are participating in this tournament.

Miguel Ángel Navarro, representative of the El Viejo team, stated that the 5-Ball tournament is a project that is being carried out at the national level, “we are participating in the municipality of El Viejo in the department of Chinandega, in which "We are being supported by the Mayor's Office of El Viejo."

Holman Murillo, coordinator of the Nindirí team, explained that the team representing Masaya has been practicing this sport for a year.

“The kids are excited about this invitation to come to Managua, of course a little nervous, because, although they play every Saturday in the neighborhoods, it is the first time they are going to compete with teams from other departments and that motivates them to strive to be better,” Murillo said.

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