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Mercado Candelaria celebrates its anniversary with a fair of promotions and discounts

Very happy the merchants of the Leonel Gutiérrez market, also popularly known as Virgen de Candelaria, celebrated the 31st anniversary of its foundation with a fair for families from the capital.

This market was reopened on July 13, 1992. Since then it has been an important shopping center in the city of Managua, offering products and services to the community.

"Month of July Victorious, in this month of victories, in this month of men and women, who are part of our heritage, of militants of the Sandinista Front as part of revolutionary history, we honor through this beautiful, this orderly fair with all our merchants from this market”, announced the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, during the weekly tour of the municipal markets.

The Leonel Gutiérrez Market houses 177 sections and has 89 merchants who sell various products, including meats, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, groceries, as well as bicycle spare parts, jewelry stores, beauty salons, and diners.

"Celebrating that we are on long tablecloths offering you the products, we have everything for you to visit us. We have promotions and discounts”, commented the merchant Carolina López.

One of the most outstanding projects in recent years in this market is the construction of the Galerón, Stage I, located on the north side, which had an investment of 5 million 800 thousand córdobas.

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