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Emblematic Streets for the People Program advances successfully in neighborhoods of the capital

Municipal authorities together with the families of the Carlos Marx neighborhood, in District VI, inaugurated this Friday, July 14, the paving of 4 blocks, through the Special Street Plan for the People.

This project that brings well-being to the 4,076 inhabitants, was delivered by the Vice Mayor of Managua Enrique Armas Rosales, who explained that the improvement of these streets had an investment that amounts to 3 million 780 thousand córdobas and benefits 753 families.

"It is a densely populated area, an area with a lot of commercial activity, there is a lot of entrepreneurship, here there are many food businesses, clothing stores, there are a large number of economic activities in the area and these streets benefit the entire population of the sector," Arms said.

He also announced that with this work delivered, the Streets for the People Program advances with 40.80 percent, which means 418.17 covered streets of the 1,027 projects in the capital.

It was a long wait for the families to see the progress in their community, who came out to welcome this project that guarantees their safety.

“I feel happy and proud because we already have new streets, this was like a river when it rained, every time it rained it became a quagmire, the cars did not enter, they left us at the entrance to the alley, now even the children go to play quietly, these streets were over 40 years old, my husband and I founded this neighborhood and the streets were in poor condition,” said Eva Villalta, a resident.

For this year, the municipality in District VI will invest 40 million córdobas in 9 neighborhoods, with the Streets for the People Program.

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