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Mother of a Hero and Martyr joyfully receives the keys to her Dignified and Safe Home

As a gesture of love and recognition to the Mothers of Heroes and Martyrs, the municipality, through the Decent Housing Program, provided a new home for 80-year-old Olga María Pérez and her two eldest daughters, in the Selim Shible neighborhood of the District IV, the afternoon of this Thursday, July 13.

The protagonist, is a widow, mother of the hero and martyr Mario José Almendarez Pérez, captured and assassinated on June 28, 1979, today he thanked the Sandinista Government for the delivery of Decent Housing for those most in need.

“My little house was in poor condition, because they were little pieces of boards, the rain would pass by, we would get wet, but a poor man settles in his house, I feel happy because I am not going to get wet anymore,” said Doña Olga María.

This is the immediate response to vulnerability and the restitution of rights to families in a situation of social and critical emergency, provided by the Good Government through the municipality, said Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales.

“She lived in difficult conditions, but always that supportive heart, that helping hand of Compañera Rosario and Comandante Daniel supporting the Nicaraguans and mainly the compañeras Mothers of Heroes and Martyrs and today we give Doña Olguita this little house, where she also another 13 families have received this benefit”, reported the mayor of the capital.

Currently, this capital neighborhood has more than 4,960 inhabitants and in recent years they have benefited from road improvement, storm drainage and sanitary sewerage projects.

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