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Residents of the Camilo Ortega and Buena Vista neighborhoods celebrate the transformations of their streets

Within the framework of the Julio Victorioso celebrations, the Managua Mayor's Office together with the residents of the Camilo Ortega and Buena Vista neighborhoods, both of District III, celebrated the construction of 7 blocks of road network. The work benefits 2 thousand 228 protagonists and has an investment of 10 million 440 thousand 753 córdobas and was executed through the Annual Investment Plan.

In addition to covering the streets with hydraulic concrete, the installation of a new storm drainage system was carried out, as reported by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, when delivering the project to the inhabitants of both sectors.

"On this 44/19 we celebrate this new anniversary with this blessing, we are delivering hydraulic concrete streets to the population, we are talking about an investment of more than 10 million córdobas, which were authorized by Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, so that we handed over these beautiful and very long streets, do you remember what this area was like a few years ago here you couldn't walk, "said the mayor of the capital.

During the meeting with the residents, Armas highlighted that the municipality has invested in these neighborhoods more than 50 million córdobas in road improvement and storm drainage projects in the last 10 years.

Omar Hernández, was born and grew up in this neighborhood and he, along with his family and neighbors, joyfully celebrated the transformations of the neighborhood thanks to the new streets.

“Here the entire community celebrates with gratitude and joy that we no longer have dirt streets, thanks to our Good Government, as you can see the streets, due to their height and inclination, looked like cherries, when it rained you could not go out, there were several times on repeated occasions that older adults fell, this was impassable and now thanks to Commander Daniel that back,” said Hernández.

Before covering the streets, the capital's commune built a new storm drainage system made up of almost 58 linear meters of pipes, 10 manholes, 2 double inlet boxes and 3 triple inlet boxes, for proper runoff management.

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