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Barrio Manuel Fernández will celebrate the festivities of Julio Victorioso with its streets 99 percent lined

The inhabitants of the Manuel Fernández neighborhood together with the municipal authorities, inaugurated with a cultural gala and great joy the delivery of the completed road improvement project, through the Streets for the People Program.

Comrade Eliezer López, District VII Delegate, reported that, with the delivery of the work, the neighborhood achieves 99 percent of its streets covered.

"With these 2 blocks that we are inaugurating today, we are completing 405 blocks of the Streets for the People Program, we are talking about reaching 39.55 percent progress and this populous neighborhood is 99 percent paved," López explained.

The new road work has an investment of 4 million 355 thousand 400 córdobas and benefited more than 4 thousand inhabitants.

Claudia Lara, grew up in the neighborhood and for many years she had to walk to her house, because the taxis did not take her to the door, due to the deterioration of the streets.

"First of all, we thank God and our dear Government for having paved our streets, it is great progress for our neighborhood and the Mayor's Office, which has also done its bit, now taxis no longer have excuses to bring us, these were the The last streets that were on land, could not be traveled and taxis did not enter, much less ambulances, "said Lara.

The municipal government has been working in the Manuel Fernández neighborhood since 2010 to improve and transform the living conditions of its inhabitants, investing today more than 13 million córdobas in road improvement projects, mitigation and sanitation works, drainage rainwater and the restoration and renovation of the community park.

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