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Families from the Carlos Marx neighborhood will have better access routes to their community

More than 700 families from the Carlos Marx neighborhood are protagonists of the emblematic Streets for the People 2023 Program, where a road improvement work is being carried out, which will contribute to improving access roads to this community of District VI.

The execution of this work was supervised by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, who announced that this program is almost 40 percent complete, with 39.55 to date, which represents 406 blocks served throughout the Managua municipality.

"These are long streets that have required the investment of 3 million 780 thousand córdobas and let's remember that in this district VI, 147 new streets will be delivered this year, in district VII, 135 new streets, 210 new streets in district I , 93 in District II, 152 new streets in District III, 132 streets in District IV and 158 in District V of Managua, and little by little we are getting closer to this year's goal, which is quantified at 1,027 blocks. , thanks to the investment authorized by Commander Daniel of 2 thousand 400 million córdobas, for the Streets for the People Program and to maintain the projection of serving 105 neighborhoods of our city,” Vice Mayor Armas reported.

In the Carlos Marx neighborhood, the Good Government has invested more than 34 million córdobas in road improvement works, storm drainage and the construction of 19 decent homes, thus contributing to dignifying the quality of life of its inhabitants.

The families of the community expressed their gratitude to the Sandinista Government, "we are happy, because we fulfilled the request we made, that they pave the street and the platforms," said Alba María Álvarez.

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