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Annex Villa Libertad of District VII integrated into the Storm Drainage System

Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado visited the storm drainage project being carried out in the Villa Libertad Annex, as part of the Winter 2023 Plan, where 352 linear meters of pipe are installed, reducing the vulnerability of families in the rainy season and improving conditions of life to more than 14,200 inhabitants of this sector.

This project is part of the 102 storm drainage works, which are developed through the Winter 2023 Plan, with an investment of 7 million 125 thousand córdobas, contributing to reducing a critical point in this area.

"In the different assemblies and municipal councils, the families of this community asked for this attention, after this work, we can talk about carrying out the coating of the streets, last year we carried out the construction of a vehicular bridge with a cost higher than the 11 million córdobas,” reported Mayor Rueda.

During recent years, the Good Government has invested a little more than 52 million córdobas in the execution of works for the common good, through the construction of 19 decent homes, road improvement works, sanitary sewage and storm drainage in this community.

Likewise, the mayor of the capital explained that, within the entire component of the Winter Plan, it is a total investment of more than 833 million córdobas, "we started the winter plan, starting in the month of February and we finished the cleaning of the drainage, but the Winter Plan is constant and permanent, we have now attended to a total of 29 lined channels throughout Managua, managing to evacuate between sediment and garbage, a total of 4 thousand tons in 50 kilometers of lined channels, 20 kilometers of gutters and “We managed to evacuate a little more than 300 cubic meters of sediment and garbage.”

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