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Disabled protagonist has a new home thanks to the Dignified Housing Program

Doña Violeta del Socorro Calderón Moreno, is originally from Niquinohomo, she came to live in the Cristo del Rosario neighborhood located in District II when she was a girl, today at 55 years of age they have a new home thanks to the Decent Housing Program, executed by the Mayor of Managua.

Upon receiving the keys to her house, the protagonist thanked the government of Commander Daniel and the municipality for the realization of her dream, for which she had waited 46 years.

“I feel happy and grateful to God first and to Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario Murillo, for having made my dream come true, for receiving this house, because I was in a precarious situation, a stick had fallen on my little house and I had to evict her, but as soon as my husband went to the Mayor's Office to discuss the situation, they gave us an immediate response, in less than a week they built my little house for me,” said the protagonist.

Calderón, in addition to being elderly, is a cancer survivor and is in a wheelchair due to diabetes. Before she got sick, she worked in a primary school selling fruits and with courage worthy of admiration, she says that the year she comes with the grace of God, you will be working in the same place. 3 adults and a child will live with the protagonist, who, together with Doña Violeta, will be able to sleep calmly, peacefully and safely.

The keys were handed over by Mayor Reyna Rueda, who reiterated the Good Government's commitment to gradually transform the lives of families living in a critical social situation.

"As soon as this house was reported, the case was attended to and in less than a week her house was built. We are very happy with the family of Doña Violeta. Today we saw how the entire community turned to celebrate this blessing and that It is the permanent concern that our Good Government has, to attend to families that are highly vulnerable in the neighborhoods,” said Armas.

Rueda, explained that 9 decent homes have been delivered in the neighborhood, of which 8 have been critical cases, "these love projects are aimed at families who have lived in vulnerability all their lives and their dreams of having a safe and beautiful home.

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