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New roads fill families of the Julio Buitrago neighborhood with satisfaction

Municipal authorities and families from the Julio Buitrago neighborhood in District II, inaugurated this Monday, July 3, the asphalt coating of two blocks, through the Special Street Plan for the People.

The work that facilitates circulation through this sector was delivered by the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, who expressed that with these blocks security is being guaranteed to the elderly, young people and children, as well as accessibility to taxis and caponeras, means widely used by families.

"There are more than 222 people who live in this neighborhood, here there are more than 120 internal drivers who will benefit from this road improvement work, today we are giving families a little more than two blocks with this Special Plan, a work that amounts to 1 million 405 thousand córdobas”, reported Porras.

The inhabitants were satisfied by this dream that they had waited for more than 55 years, "Today we look at the restitution of rights of each one of the inhabitants of this neighborhood, especially for the elderly and children who are the most vulnerable, the day today we look at that response, we thank God for this beautiful work that has been done, now we have the responsibility to take care of our streets, thanks to our President of the Republic and our Compañera, Rosario” said the protagonist Gilda Wilson.

Diana de los Ángeles Gutiérrez, also affirmed that now vehicles will have access, because before it was impossible, "the firefighters, taxis and the garbage truck will be able to enter, before we had to go outside to get transportation, now that they are good and public drivers will be able to enter and I thank everyone who made this project possible”.

With this road improvement work delivered, the Streets for the People Program reaches 39.55 percent of streets covered, which means 405.54 blocks delivered in the 7 districts of the capital, out of the 1,027 to be delivered this year.

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