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After 50 years, residents of the Manuel Fernández neighborhood fulfill the dream of seeing its streets passable

As of today, the Manuel Fernández neighborhood, located in District VII, will only have one block in its natural state, thanks to the Streets for the People Program, which paved 2 new blocks and with this, 99 percent of its streets are covered, as well The Secretary of the Managua Council, Compañera Jennifer Porras López, reported it during a supervision view of the road improvement project.

The road work has an investment of 4 million 355 thousand 400 córdobas and benefits 4,638 protagonists.

“For us, these streets have a lot of meaning, because the neighborhood is 99 percent covered, and families will be able to travel safely, our Good Government since 2010 has been changing the quality of life in this part of the capital, With the construction of the neighborhood road network, drainage and sanitation works, mitigation works, with this project the Streets for the People Program reaches 39.55 percent with 405 blocks served,” reported Porras.

In addition to the progress of the program, the Municipal Secretary shared with the protagonists that, in the last 13 years, the municipality has invested 13 million córdobas in the neighborhood and that this year it will carry out 19 projects in District VII.

Doña Natividad Somarriba, is one of the protagonists of the project, she describes that point of the neighborhood as impassable when winter came.

“I had to wait 50 years to see this, I thought I would never see it, these streets were impassable every time the rains began, it was dangerous for us, the elderly, we feel happy and grateful to the Mayor because if complies, recently the Vice Mayor came for a tour and I told him about these streets and he told me to be patient because we are going to build the streets, but I never expected it to be so fast, that's why I say that the Mayor's Office and Commander Daniel yes they keep what they promise,” Somarriba said.

 Claudia Lara, a resident of the sector, affirmed that now the taxis no longer have excuses to take them to the door of their homes, "these were the last streets that were on land, they could not be traveled and taxis did not enter, much less an ambulance could enter , but now they are beautiful, we are prospering”.

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