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Children and young people from the municipal academies prepared to receive their ribbon degrees in Taekwondo

Demonstrating all the content learned in their Taekwondo classes was what more than 70 children from the three academies of this sport did during an evaluation on the morning of this Saturday, June 24, at the Roberto Huembes gym.

"This is the fruit of the effort that the boys have put in for several months, this change of belt helps them to continue promoting themselves, striving to achieve that goal that in the end is the black belt," shared Noel González, Director of Sports of the commune capital.

The municipality has three Taekwondo academies, in the Roberto Huembes Gymnasium, Alexis Argüello Sports Center and in the new Multipurpose Gymnasium of District VI, where children from 6 years old to 17 years old receive classes totally free.

"This sport is the one that has given Nicaragua the most medals, therefore, it is a priority as the Mayor's Office of Managua to have academies with trained coaches and above all that children can acquire this knowledge to continue reaping fruits in national and international events" Gonzalez added.

Every 6 months the tape changes are made, once the student is ready for this moment and it is the instructors who are in charge of the evaluations, which are another achievement for the athletes.

"We have been working on the preparation for children for six months, we evaluate from the moment they arrive to train, the parameters that we are evaluating are the time they have to be practicing this martial discipline and the fundamental base that is Taekwondo", reported instructor Jorge Garcia.

For parents, it is important to accompany their children to practice this sport, "I think it is excellent, because it helps them, my son was a little shy, it will help him to function better, to be more self-confident , to form their character”, said Janeth Amador.

Sayuri del Carmen Lumbí, 11 years old, stated that they feel pleased to attend their Taekwondo classes, "I really like this sport and I have been practicing it for three years, it is a discipline that is practiced every day and that helps us in life ”.

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