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Merchants from the Iván Montenegro market announce a significant reduction in the price of cheese

In the usual visit made by the building authorities to the municipal markets, the merchants of the Iván Montenegro market announced the reduction in the price of cheese and its derivatives this week, which indicates relief for the pockets of families in the capital .

The trader in the dairy sector, Catalina Obando Flores, reported that this week the price of dry cheese experienced a decrease of 40 córdobas per pound, that is, this week, in the Iván Montenegro market, dry cheese can be quoted from the 55 cordobas per pound.

"We are very happy, which is the dairy sector, because the cheese dropped from 95 and 97 that we had a pound to 55 córdobas wholesale and all milk derivatives, so we invite you to come, buy your dry cheese , smoked, mozzarella, quesillo cheese, the cream, you can find everything in Iván Montenegro, El Rey de los Lácteos, come with all confidence”, added Obando.

Likewise, the merchants invited Nicaraguan families to visit the municipal markets, where they will find the best gifts for dad, at low prices.

During the tour of this shopping center, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales verified the reduction in cheese, the discounts on items for dad, and at the same time supervised the works being carried out in this crowded shopping center, including the installation of 13 gates to increase security and replacement of 240 linear meters of roof channel.

Freddy Casco, Director of COMMEMA, expressed the commitment of the Good Government to improve the working conditions of the merchants of the municipal markets and announced that this year investments will continue, such as the installation of gates in the Iván Montenegro and Carlos Roberto Huembes markets. , as well as the construction of a shed in the tripe sector of the Oriental market.

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