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Tourist routes and new ventures generate economic dynamism in the municipality of Tipitapa

"Tipitapa continues to grow, Tipitapa continues to generate economic dynamism, thanks to the support provided by the government of Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario to entrepreneurs in the tourism sector," said Deputy Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, coordinator of the Tourism Cabinet of the Department of Managua, during the session at the Orlando Sobalvarro Mena House of Culture.

More than 15 entrepreneurs participated in the tourism promotion, who demonstrated their gastronomic skills and the growth of their businesses in recent years, thanks to the effort and dedication of their families to expand their businesses, take possession of the market and the heart of the tipitapeños

Armas highlighted that, in this municipality, new ventures such as cafeterias, restaurants, hostels and other businesses related to gastronomy are increasingly being born.

"We congratulate the brothers and sisters present, thank you for being here and supporting the initiatives promoted by Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario for the promotion of tourist destinations at the municipal level, every time we come to visit our friends we find new ventures. that have been opened and this continues to generate much greater dynamism in the local economy. The effort made by the Tipitapa compañeros is always admirable,” said Armas.

During the meeting with local entrepreneurs, the Mayor of Tipitapa, César Vásquez, provided advances on the projects that the municipality executes to promote the municipality's tourist destinations.

“We have many tourist places, among them, the indigenous archeology site of El Nancital where we have improved the access road together with the MTI, as well as the symbolic place of Tipitapa, such as the thermal baths with medicinal properties and which are visited by many Nicaraguans, there we carried out a modernization project, 15 million córdobas were invested in a first stage and we will do a second stage that will end in December, the works will consist of building a new sauna and swimming pool, bleachers and an entertainment area for children, there we will invest another 15 million córdobas, thanks to the municipal transfers that the Good Government sends us,” said the mayor.

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