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Commemoration of the passage to immortality of Don Camilo Zapata, Creator of Son Nica

14 years after the passage to another plane of life of Don Camilo Zapata, a great Nicaraguan composer and singer-songwriter, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua paid tribute to his cultural legacy, with a discussion on Son Nica and its variants, the morning of this Thursday June 22 at the House of Culture and Creativity that bears his name.

“Today morning we are accompanying and paying tribute to our singer-songwriter Camilo Zapata, in these 14 years of his transition to another plane of life. Remembering him, commemorating him and always keeping firm all that cultural historical legacy that he has left to the great generations of musicians and artists in Nicaragua”, expressed the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López.

During this conversation, various aspects related to Son Nica, its variants, its historical evolution, influences and its relevance in the current musical scene were addressed.

“There are several aspects that must be emphasized, firstly that the Government has stood out in founding Houses of Culture and Creativity, something unprecedented in Nicaragua and secondly, honor is being given to the great cultivators of our music and founders, in music, in poetry and dance, Don Camilo Zapata is the creator of the Nicaraguan son that gives it musical cultural identity”, said Wilmor López, Promoter of Culture.

In this cultural activity, a Monograph by Don Camilo Zapata was also delivered, revised and signed by the composer himself, as well as some scores of unpublished compositions.

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