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Alexis Argüello No.2 and Buena Vista neighborhoods united by road improvement work

Residents of the Alexis Argüello No. 2 neighborhood, in district III, were satisfied with the asphalt coating of 5 streets built by the municipality, through the Streets for the People Program.

This new project that the protagonist families have been waiting for for many years, brings improvements to 572 inhabitants, by enabling a new alternative route that unites and benefits the Buena Vista, Bertilda Obregario, Sierra Maestra and part of Camilo Ortega neighborhoods, as reported by the Mayor. Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

"A month before starting the asphalt coating of the five streets that we are delivering, three of them had sanitary drainage in a traditional way, it is very important for us to first address what the drainage is and then we start with the coating of these streets," Rueda highlighted.

The mayor of the capital pointed out that the action that reduces the vulnerability of the population had an investment of 2 million 400 thousand córdobas and with this work for the common good the Streets for the People Program reaches 368.94 streets covered, which means an advance of 35.99 percent only in Managua, of the 1,027 that are projected to be delivered this year.

Verónica López, who has lived in the neighborhood for more than 15 years, thanked the Sandinista Government for this project, “we are enjoying this, because before it was a dirt ballast, we couldn't walk here, now we enjoy it and we thank the President for repairing our problems. streets.”

For this year, Good Government through Streets for the People will build 46 new blocks in District III, investing 35 million 635 thousand 127 córdobas.

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