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The best gifts at a good price for dad are in the markets of Managua

A few days before celebrating Nicaraguan Father's Day, merchants from the Iván Montenegro market are ready to receive families in search of their gifts, with promotional items and special offers on clothing, shoes, backpacks, perfumes, as well as fruits, vegetables , meats and all the products of the basic basket.

During the usual visit to the markets, on the morning of this Friday, June 9, the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, reported that the 8 markets of the capital are fully supplied and with development works for the well-being of the merchants and buyers.

"For us it is a great opportunity that we have in these visits, because it allows us every day not only to accompany, but to realize everything that we have been carrying out projects, works and the programs that are being implemented, through investment plans , where to continue advancing and a great opportunity to be on a par with families, with discount fairs on important dates, the celebration of Father's Day is approaching us and each one of the merchants is preparing with great enthusiasm”, said Porras .

The merchants have great expectations of good sales in the coming days, as stated by Mrs. Luz Marina Reyes, "it is already selling, thank God, but we wait for more, we have boxers, they are worth 150 córdobas, but we have them at 120, we will have promotions, Jingo pants, Levis, t-shirts, dress shirts, socks, a bit of everything, come to Iván Montenegro, we are waiting for you to take your combo”.

Rosa María Lazo, administrative director of the Managua Municipal Market Corporation (COMMEMA), shared that in this Iván Montenegro market improvements are currently being made to the central nave, with the installation of 22 gutters to prevent flooding during the winter, bringing benefits to more than 90 merchants.

In this market in the capital, permanent cleanliness is guaranteed and coordination with the Sinapred and the National Police is maintained, so that merchants work with peace of mind and consumers make their purchases with complete confidence.

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