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Community of the Manuel Fernández neighborhood appreciates the well-being and safety of its new streets

Families from the Manuel Fernández neighborhood celebrated with the capital authorities the paving of 4 blocks, which were built through the Streets for the People Program, which this Friday, June 9, reached 33.22 percent of what was projected for this year 2023.

This work was inaugurated and delivered to the community by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who said that these streets make 748 families protagonists of rights, with an investment of 3 million 704 thousand córdobas; guaranteeing them better access roads and living conditions.

“Although it is raining, families attend this celebration, a demand for several years, here we are seeing how communities and neighborhoods are changing, that is part of the political will of our Good Government, of Commander Daniel and the Vice President, Compañera Rosario," said Rueda.

He also explained that in this year 2023 this emblematic program will execute a total of 151 projects, in 105 neighborhoods throughout the municipality, with an investment of more than 2,400 million córdobas.

"Thanks to our government, which guides the Mayor to bring well-being to the communities, the progress we are seeing today has never been seen before, we have well-being for children, before they got muddy and dusty, today they will not suffer" Said the protagonist Jorge Luis Arrechavala.

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