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Awareness Day within the framework of World Environment Day

World Environment Day is commemorated every June 5 and on the occasion of this celebration, the municipality held an environmental awareness day, at the 4 points of the main avenue of Managua.

The activity that was accompanied by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado was carried out with the motto "I WANT TO LIVE CLEAN" and consisted of the delivery of reusable bags to bus drivers, taxi drivers, private vehicles and the general public, to promote proper driving of solid waste, as well as creating awareness of depositing garbage in its place, to reduce environmental pollution.

"A series of activities that we are carrying out, celebrating World Environment Day, we are not only distributing bags, but also raising awareness among families to keep our city clean, we are also in reforestation days in different parts of our capital," he reported. Wheel.

The families that were traveling at that point expressed their satisfaction and invited the population to become aware, to avoid this problem that affects the natural environment and the health of the inhabitants.

“We encourage the population to keep garbage in its place and not dirty our streets and to live clean,” said driver Maura Vado.

In recent years, the Good Government has carried out countless actions focused on raising awareness among the population about the care of Mother Earth, in order to be able to live in a healthy environment and offer future generations a nature free of contamination. .

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