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Good Government Authorities present National Map of the Houses of Culture and Creativity

With the aim of rescuing and strengthening culture, on the afternoon of this Monday, June 5, the Nicaraguan Institute for Municipal Development (INIFOM), the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture and the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, presented the National Map of Houses of Culture and Creativity that exist in each department.

The interactive map is a virtual platform created so that children, young people and adults interested in developing in the different disciplines of art and culture can more easily obtain the necessary information to study any of the courses that are taught in the Casas de Culture and Creativity.

“We are proud of everything we have achieved, these achievements are definitely from Nicaraguan families. In the case of Managua, there are 6 schools of art and culture, and a museum that we have”, reported Mayor Rueda.

Likewise, he highlighted that the Houses of Culture and Creativity in the capital have been a success, "in Managua, we have all the schools of art and culture already completely full, and the enrollments that were made months before, the families answered the call and really They are very proud of all the achievements.”

Thanks to the policies and strategies promoted by the Good Government, there are already 145 Houses of Culture and Creativity, as well as 195 Community Museums of the Revolution.

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