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Residents of the Carlos Núñez neighborhood waited a lifetime for its dignified streets

Starting this weekend, 40 leading families that live in sector "E" of the Carlos Núñez neighborhood, located in District II, will be able to transit safely through the 3 new blocks that were paved, through the Streets for the People Program .

The new road work has an investment of 3.5 million córdobas and directly benefits 320 inhabitants and more than 200 drivers of caponeras and taxis that circulate daily on this road, as reported by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, during the inauguration of the work.

“There are three very long blocks and the residents who go to work, to school, and due to the conditions of the streets, buses circulate daily along this new alternate route, but buses and taxis circulate, for these brothers the working conditions They had a great change, because there will no longer be puddles or pegs,” said Armas.

With this new project completed, the Streets for the People Program begins the month of June with 345 blocks served, which corresponds to 33 percent progress.

Lizeth Cruz Zamora has lived in the neighborhood for more than 25 years and she, together with the community, celebrates the construction of the new road network.

"We are more than grateful to our President, because we dreamed of these streets for a lifetime, because here you couldn't walk after the rain, the streets were horrible, full of holes, puddles and stones, the kids suffered in winter because going to classes clean or dry was an odyssey,” Cruz said.

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