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Progress has reached the Manuel Fernández neighborhood with its new streets

Families from the Manuel Fernández neighborhood are the new beneficiaries of the Streets for the People Program, with the execution of the 4-block asphalt coating project in this community of District VII.

The progress of the project was supervised by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, who announced that this emblematic program to date has achieved 33 percent compliance, with 342 blocks out of the 1,027 projected to attend this year.

Likewise, he highlighted that this work for the common good makes 748 families protagonists of rights and has an investment of 3 million 704 thousand córdobas, guaranteeing them better access roads and living conditions.

In recent years, the municipality has carried out road improvement works in this sector, storm drainage and the construction of 7 decent homes, with a global investment of 9 million 704 thousand córdobas.

The leading families were happy with the work that brings them well-being and security, as expressed by the young Luis Gutiérrez, “I feel happy and thanking God because this had never been seen before, we even believed that we were going to die without these streets, but today is a dream come true”.

Mrs. Natividad Somarriba, stated that the streets were impassable, "I have seen how the Good Government has been making progress little by little, repairing streets, making parks, because before it was horrible."

For this year with the Streets for the People Program, the capital city will execute a total of 151 projects, in 105 neighborhoods throughout the municipality, with an investment of 2,440,949,333 córdobas.

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