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Family affected by fire in the Israel Galeno neighborhood is benefited by the Decent Housing Program

The Mayor's Office of Managua, through the Decent Housing Program, provided an immediate response to the emergency situation experienced by Mrs. Flor María Castellón Canales and her family, who two weeks ago lost their home in the Israel Galeano neighborhood of District VII, which was 90 percent consumed by a fire.

Building their house again is a difficult dream to fulfill for the leading family, given that only Castellón's eldest daughter works as a janitor. Upon handing over the keys to the new home, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales stressed that solidarity and political will make life change possible for families living in a critical social situation.

"Flor de María, is a hard-working comrade who lost her home a few days ago, today thanks to the everlasting solidarity of Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, she and her children will once again be able to sleep peacefully, thanks to that support, there are hundreds of families throughout Managua and throughout the country, have received decent housing and the proof is that another 25 homes have been delivered here to compañeras and compañeros who also needed it,” said Armas.

At the same time, he reported that the population of the neighborhood, one of the largest in District VII, is 8,400 inhabitants and from 2011 to date the municipality has invested a little more than 36 million córdobas in road projects, storm drainage and recovery of public spaces.

Castellón, who has lived in the neighborhood for 30 years, has been the father and mother of his daughters, now he dedicates himself to taking care of the home and his family, the day of the fire the house was alone and thanks to the intervention of the neighbors there were no losses nor did the fire spread to neighboring houses.

"I thank God, the Commander and Compañera Rosario Murillo, because because of them I am going to live better than how I lived before, in 6 days they built my house, thanks to the good heart of our President and the good heart of my neighbors. I have not spent a single night outdoors, God is perfect today that they give me my house it started to rain and we are not going to get wet, ”said the protagonist.

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