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Capital commune promotes reforestation day of the Nejapa lagoon

With the firm commitment to preserve natural resources, the Good Government, through the municipality and State institutions, carried out on the morning of this Saturday, May 27, one more day of reforestation from the Nejapa lagoon.

This day consisted of the planting of forest and fruit plants, in which the Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado participated, accompanied by members of the Nicaraguan Army, the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, as well as the community near the lagoon.

"We appreciate the accompaniment of all the brothers and sisters who were present today, there are community members, from the different neighborhoods and surroundings of this natural reserve, Nejapa lagoon," said Rueda.

He also added that it is the second stage of the national campaign for reforestation and environmental protection, "we are scheduled to plant 4,000 plants, 30 percent are fruit trees and 70 percent are forestry, such as blackwood, laurel, all these plants will be planting in this reserve”.

At this beginning of winter, the Sandinista Government plans to plant some four thousand plants in fertile land in the Nejapa area, later this task will be carried out in other areas of the country, until completing 26 million plants.

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