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Municipality concludes renovation works in capital cemeteries prior to Mother's Day

For four weeks, the Mayor's Office of Managua carried out a special renovation and cleaning day in the 8 cemeteries administered by the municipality, to guarantee that next May 30, the day on which homage is paid to the Nicaraguan mother, they are ready to receive the visit of hundreds of citizens.

The Mayor, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, reported during a tour of the Peripheral cemetery that the District Delegations, the Decoration Department, the Infrastructure Department, the Minsa and the United Fire Department worked in coordination on the special event.

“This is an effort that we make permanent, we are here in this cemetery where we have seven collaborators assigned throughout the year, but in intense days like this, in the face of Mother's Day or the Day of the All Souls, 30 collaborators enter to reinforce the work, we are investing 750,000 córdobas in cleaning the Periférico cemetery,” said Rueda.

Likewise, he explained that the increase in collaborators occurs in the other cemeteries of Managua, in special times, especially in the General cemetery, which has an area of 40 blocks.

Among the scope of the work carried out inside the cemeteries, weeds were cleared, the trees were cut down, all the sediments were evacuated and internal roads and access streets to the holy fields were marked, paint was also applied to the walls perimeters and other areas.

The mayor of the capital also expressed that the population has valued with great affection the effort that the Good Government has been making, through the Mayor's Office of Managua, to keep the cemeteries in excellent condition.

"They are happy because they see how we maintain each of the eight cemeteries that we have, we are making an extra effort right now, the special day of the Nicaraguan mother is approaching," he stressed.

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