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San Francisco Libre, a municipality in the department of Managua that develops major tourist attractions to visit

An important natural tourist destination is the municipality of San Francisco Libre, located 76 kilometers from the capital and the one you can visit to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, with scenic beauties and a true coexistence with the rural area.

During the launch of the tourist attractions of this community, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales shared that this area has had a great development with the opening of new businesses.

“We are learning about the Los Cocos Recreation Center, which is in a very important phase, they are building a cockpit, as part of its attractions with an investment of more than one hundred thousand dollars, with a metal structure that will mean comfort for more than 200 spectators," said Armas.

Likewise, he added that with the different ventures there are greater sources of employment and entertainment for everyone, "people will not have to travel so far to have a good time, they are opening businesses and when the Port Company enters fully with important investments in the coastal zone, this will be much more attractive for national and international tourism”.

The Vice Mayor of San Francisco Libre, compañera Albina Conde, announced that among the projects that are being carried out in the municipality is the construction of the San Francisco de Asís Viewpoint.

“A public place, a tourist place that will attract all the families and the surroundings, to come and enjoy this beautiful place. We currently have the natural park that is visited by senior citizens, students who come to do their research work, in a calm manner”.

Conde, pointed out that with the construction of the San Francisco Libre-Los Zarzales highway they have the tourist attraction of the El Socavón pool, on the Las Mojarras river, "we saw the experience this summer season that families overflowed to enjoy those crystal clear waters, those healthy waters, at no cost, an experience that leads us to improve to provide care to families”.

San Francisco Libre, a fishing village, also dedicated to farming and raising cattle, awaits you with great human warmth.

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