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Exhibition Sandino Lives present in the Loma de Tiscapa

The Sandino Vive photographic exhibition will be open to the public, starting this week, at Loma de Tiscapa and with the same opening hours as the historic park.

This inauguration was attended by the Secretary of the Managua Council, Compañera Jennifer Porras López, who explained that the exhibition is being held within the framework of the 128th anniversary of the birth of the General of Free Men and Women Augusto C. Sandino.

"We have the opportunity to present an exhibition in chronological order of the life of our General, at different times, at different stages of his entire historical legacy, until reaching the present day and seeing his dreams, ideals and principles come to fruition," said Porras.

The exhibition will be open permanently, which is made up of 25 photographs that highlight the heroic deed of General Sandino and the Army for the Defense of National Sovereignty.

The municipal authorities announced that this place was selected, given that it was the last place where General Sandino was before he was cowardly shot by the National Guard, on February 21, 1934, after he dined with then President Juan Bautista Sacasa.

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