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Ecological Houses guarantee the self-consumption of families and love for the land

The Ecological Houses Project, executed by the municipality in coordination with the Ministry of Family Economy (Mefcca), is an initiative of the Good Government, to improve the quality of life of families, through agricultural production and environmental conservation. atmosphere.

There are one hundred homes in the Villa Jerusalén Urbanization that have benefited from this environmental project, providing excellent results to its protagonists, as stated by Mr. Carlos Hernández, "this project provides an orchard, water collection with an ecological tank, a compost bin for to be able to produce organic fertilizer and to be able to keep the plants clean and with zero chemicals”.

Yesenia Laguna, another of the beneficiaries, thanked her for the accompaniment and technical assistance that the project provides to improve her production.

Compañera Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Managua Council, expressed that it is a project of life, of the future, of love, "they are national policies to be able to contribute to adaptation to climate change and generate a positive change in our ecosystem."

He also reported that this project has been running for 2 years in Villa Jerusalén and has an adaptable system that has been developing, preparing and training families.

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