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Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood will have more than 90 percent of its paved streets

In the past, the puddles and dust clouds of the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood will remain, where the Mayor's Office of Managua is executing a new road improvement project, with the asphalt coating of 4 blocks, which will improve the living conditions of the families of this community of District I .

Supervising the progress was attended by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, who stated that the work is the response to the demands of the population.

"Today we are here supervising the works carried out by the Managua Mayor's Office once again in the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood, which to the pride of its inhabitants and thanks to the support of Comandante Daniel, is one of the neighborhoods that has progressed the most, with these streets that we are about to finish, we reached 31 percent progress in the Streets for the People 2023 Program, with 318.5 blocks,” Armas announced.

The mayor of the capital, announced that for this year the Streets for the People Program will execute a total of 151 projects in 105 neighborhoods of Managua, with an investment of 2 thousand 440 million córdobas.

Don Jorge Sandoval, with more than 25 years of living in this sector, stated that the neighborhood has changed enormously, "we no longer have dirt streets, most of them are paved or cobbled."

In recent years, the municipality has benefited 3,337 families (16,337 inhabitants) in this community, with road improvement projects, sanitary sewerage, storm drainage, and the construction of more than 70 decent homes, which adds up to a higher investment. to 48 million córdobas.

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