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Municipal authorities deliver rehabilitation works of the San Luis Stadium

The San Luis Baseball Stadium, located in District IV of Managua, was totally new, with the renovation works carried out by the Good Government, through the capital's commune.

The project that supports the new generations to develop in this discipline, had an investment of 1 million 500 thousand córdobas and benefits 22 teams, as announced by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, during the reopening.

"For the families of the San Luis neighborhood of District IV it is very important, this is a historic field where our coaches practiced as children in this baseball field, we have 12 academies of our king of sports, where children, youth and adolescents carry out their training sessions," said Rueda.

Likewise, he explained that the rehabilitation work consisted of the construction of children's bleachers, backstop and dugout repair for the players, installation of 14 luminaires with their metal pole, installation of 6 garbage cans and the lining of the platforms.

The different academies and coaches thanked the Good Government for the support received, which will allow them to develop in better conditions.

"I feel happy to be here in this academy, to have a field in good condition to practice, thanks to our coaches who help us to be better baseball players, I have been here for three years, I started at 9 years old," said the kid Lean Jared.

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