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Inhabitants of Colonia Américas I celebrate the construction of Streets for the People

This Friday, May 19, the families that live in the Américas I neighborhood, located in District VII, inaugurated together with the municipal authorities 4 new blocks that were paved by the Streets for the People Program.

The road work has an investment of a little more than 4 million córdobas and benefits 13 thousand protagonists.

Upon delivering the work to the community, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales reported that with these streets the program reaches 30 percent progress, with 309 blocks served out of the 1,027 projected to serve this year.

“Little by little we have been advancing here in the colony, whenever we came to meetings, to town councils, the residents requested these streets, there is still work to be done, but we are going to continue with the construction of a vehicular bridge that will unite the Americas. I with the surrounding neighborhoods, which will have an investment of 12 million córdobas,” said Armas.

After touring the new streets, Armas highlighted that the municipality has carried out various projects in this community for the benefit of the common good, with an investment of 17 million 100 thousand córdobas, in road improvement works, storm drainage and the construction of 31 decent homes. .

Urieta Buitrago has lived in this community for 50 years and she, along with her neighbors, celebrate the construction of the streets that were expected for more than 40 years.

“Many of us who live here are more than happy, we dreamed of these streets for 40 years, when I was young and working I fell several times, because when it rained these streets were ruined and now thanks to our Commander and Compañera Rosario we were able to see this project, now we have to take care of them, because the kids who go to the two schools that are nearby pass through these streets,” Buitrago said.

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