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Piedras Azules de Mateare Viewpoint is ready to receive tourists

The construction and opening of the new Piedras Azules viewpoint, is part of the plans and strategies to develop and promote tourism in the municipality of Mateare, as announced by the local municipal authorities, on the afternoon of this Thursday, May 18 in the new tourist destination. from the capital, located at kilometer 31 of the new highway to León, in front of Lake Xolotlán.

Municipal authorities of Mateare explained that in this first stage of the project a two-story viewpoint and photo booth were built to take advantage of and enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake, while in the second stage ranches will be built on the shores of the lake and the surroundings of the viewpoint will be decorated, so that travelers can enjoy a country atmosphere.

"Today we are at this beautiful Piedras Azules viewpoint, before there was only one ravine here, however, it was always visited by families and foreigners, in February of this year we managed to complete the first stage and we will do the second this year," he explained. Compañera María Isabel Ramírez Orozco, Mayor of Mateare.

Piedras Azules in its first stage had an investment of 9 million córdobas, the second stage is expected to have an equal investment and next year two more stages will be built in this new tourist destination.

The tourist plan of this municipality is coordinated by the different government institutions that promote the development of local businesses and small entrepreneurs, as explained by Vice Mayor José Tomás Vega.

“We have 5 patron saint festivities that promote local tourism, we work on all the logistics of these festivities in coordination with the National Police, INIFOM, INTUR, MINSA, these religious festivities move our population a lot, thanks to citizen security, these festivities count with queen elections, ribbon races, cultural festivals, equestrian parades and gastronomic contests”, added Vega.

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