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Sanitary drainage project advances that will dignify the lives of the families of the Marvin Marín neighborhood

Continuing to transform the city is the objective of the Good Government, through the municipality, this time with the installation of 723.63 linear meters of sanitary drainage pipe and the construction of 31 manholes that are executed in the Marvin Marín neighborhood of the District III, whose work progresses satisfactorily.

During a supervision tour, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, reported that the project in its I Stage has an investment of 13 million 156 thousand 492 córdobas, which provides a solution to 2,536 inhabitants divided into 461 families, who have waited for progress for years in their community and is part of the response to their demands.

"Here we are fulfilling the families, it is one of the largest projects that we have here in District III, it means that we have been bringing an 8-inch pipe from San Judas, passing the bridge of the twins, until we reach this area of Marvin Marín, there are more than a thousand linear meters that we are going to be placing in the II Stage and that means more than 24 million córdobas that we are investing, but a project that is necessary for the health of the population”, highlighted Rueda.

The families came out to express their gratitude to the Sandinista Government for the sanitation work, "it is a blessing that the community is receiving, very grateful to this government that is giving us the opportunity to improve our living conditions, because having sewage, We have better health for everyone and we are no longer going to suffer from these disasters, the latrines collapsing every time it rains,” said Mrs. Verónica Cuadra Rodríguez.

The protagonist, Domingo Sotelo, stated that it is a great health project that fills them with satisfaction and enthusiasm, "thanks to God and to the good direction of Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, because today we are achieving this first stage."

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