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Residents of the Arges Sequeira neighborhood will have improved streets

In the coming days, families from the Arges Sequeira neighborhood will become protagonists of the right to have streets in good condition, through the asphalt coating of 3 blocks, which will improve access to this community and the living conditions of its inhabitants.

The road improvement work is part of the Streets for the People 2023 Program, which for this year plans to serve 1,027 paved blocks, of which there is already 29.5 percent progress, with 302.5 blocks served.

During a visit to the project, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado shared with the families of this community, who expressed their satisfaction with the execution of this work, which guarantees progress to the Arges Sequeira neighborhood.

"We are really serving 395 families, which means a little more than 2,000 protagonists in this area and we have made significant progress in this community, we are delivering 3 blocks with an investment of 4,100 million córdobas," said the mayor of the capital.

Likewise, he announced that this investment joins the more than 11 million córdobas, in road improvement and storm drainage works, in addition to the construction of 9 decent homes.

He pointed out that the Streets for the People 2023 Program plans to execute 151 projects in 105 neighborhoods of the capital, providing attention to 927 blocks with asphalt and 100 blocks with hydraulic concrete, for which 2 thousand 440 million 949 thousand 333 córdobas will be invested. .

Gratitude showed the population with the execution of this work for the common good, "with this the neighborhood changes and it is much better for everyone, because notice that the garbage reaches the entrance and did not pass through here, because the street was full of holes", This is how Mr. Francisco Silva expressed it.

Génesis Colindres, a resident of the area, said that before during the rainy season the streets were damaged and now they will no longer suffer from it.

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