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Evangelical churches of the Assemblies of God receive Property Titles

Bringing security and tranquility to the Nicaraguan people is what the Sandinista Government has been doing since 2007 to date, this time acting in favor of the Christian community, with the delivery of 75 property titles to evangelical churches of the Assemblies of God of the departments of León, Chinandega and Jinotega.

The delivery of this restitution of rights to the legal representatives of the evangelical churches, was carried out this Friday, May 12 in the Japón-Nicaragua park and was attended by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado and the Attorney General of the Republic , Partner Wendy Morales.

"It is a sustained effort that our Central Government of Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario has had, to give that legal security to all the brothers and sisters of the different evangelical churches, the Christian community today celebrates and thanks God, with the delivery of With these 75 titles, we reached 650 delivered from 2007 to date, only to the Christian community”, reported Rueda.

With this Action Plan promoted by the Good Government, through the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, it seeks to legalize all the churches that for many years have worked in favor of the community and once titled, they cannot be transferred, he indicated. the Attorney.

"We know that many of these denominations receive donations, we also know that some of them have community centers, children's soup kitchens, schools, and that is why their legalization is important," Morales said.

Roberto Rojas, Secretary General of the Assemblies of God, thanked the Good Government and God for this gift, "the legality of church property generates great peace of mind for the congregation and guarantees that it is well, it will always remain a function of worship of God".

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