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Barrio Américas I will soon have 4 new blocks

Families from Barrio Américas I of District VII will be the new protagonists for the Streets for the People 2023 Program, with the covering of 4 new blocks, thanks to the efforts and work articulated by the Good Government.

"We are progressing very well with the Calles Para el Pueblo Program, this work will be ready today Thursday afternoon, here we are having an investment of 4 million 278 thousand 560 córdobas in these blocks, which we are already going to be delivering to the families" said Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, during a supervision visit.

He also reported that the Streets for the People Program has a significant advance of 27.23 percent, of the 1,027 projected for this year, "this means 279.28 blocks already delivered to families."

From 2009 to 2023, different road improvement works, construction of a vehicular bridge, and storm drainage works have been carried out in this sector, with an investment amount of more than 17 million córdobas.

Only in District VII for this 2023, the municipality has scheduled a budget investment of 780 million 620 thousand 927 córdobas.

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